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SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Consoles

SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color Consoles

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In an attempt to try and peg back Nintendo’s dominance in the handheld market, SNK released the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999. It was the company’s second attempt at cracking the handheld sector following the original Neo Geo Pocket less than a year earlier.

Unlike the previous console, the Color was released worldwide and not only to the Japanese market. Part of the reasoning for this was the Game Boy Advance’s flattening of the original device and SNK needing to react in a big way if it wanted to truly compete.

Similar to its predecessor however, the Neo Geo Pocket Color was met by the irrepressible Nintendo and ultimately came up short. Many put this down to the popularity of the Pokemon franchise which was exclusive to the competition.

Nevertheless, the Color remains highly popular to this day thanks to its great usability, options to connect selected titles with the SEGA Dreamcast and incredibly long 40 hour battery life. It was also accommodating for games released for the non-colour Pocket, although most games were released in colour anyway.

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