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SNK Neo Geo CD Consoles

SNK NeoGeo CD Consoles

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Released in 1994, the Neo Geo CD console was SNK’s second effort at cracking the home video game entertainment market. It showed many similarities to the original AES model but there was one major difference - cartridge games had been ditched in favour of the cheaper CD based media.

This made games a lot more affordable and in some cases $300 cartridges could be reduced to around $49-$79 on CD so was very much a welcome addition. On the downside though, many users were dismayed by the less than satisfactory load times and ultimately felt it affecting the gaming experience.

That didn’t stop people from all over the world from falling in love with the console though, mainly due to the fact that there was no region-lock, leading to an unrestricted number of gaming possibilities. The SNK Neo Geo CD proved so popular in fact that the manufacturer reported that it had shipped its initial load of 50000 units in just a month.

Most games available for the console were simply ports from SNK’s others console but there was a fairly impressive array of titles created especially for the Neo Geo CD. Crossed Swords II, ZinTrick and ADK World were a few of the select games made exclusive to the system. With such a great catalogue of titles available to play anywhere in the world, this item is a must for any collector.

A Japanese exclusive front-loading machine was released alongside the usual top-loading model. Here at RetroPlayers, we aim to keep stock of both types. If however you aren’t able to see the model you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch as we may be able to source it for you.

All SNK Neo Geo CD consoles sold by us are thoroughly tested to ensure they are up to our high standards. Internals and cleaned and the outer casing is assessed to determine grading information. This information is made clear from the off so you know exactly the state of the products you’ll get.

So if you’re after a Neo Geo CD console to relive the glory days of the past, or to make some brand new memories, you can trust us to deliver exactly what you need.