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The SEGA Master System games console was the first commercial success for SEGA and gave them a platform to compete with Nintendo's NES system. Originally released in 1985 in Japan as the SEGA Mark III, the Master System received a redesign and rename for its American and European release in 1986 and 1987 respectively.

The Master System played host to some of the best characters and franchises in gaming history, including many exclusives. The most obvious of these is of course the world renowned Sonic the Hedgehog but the range also includes the notable classics Streets of Rage, Asterix and Ninja Gaiden.

The SEGA Master System also got a re-release as the Master System II which featured a more compact design and featured either Alex the Kid or Sonic the Hedgehog pre installed and featured very similar hardware to SEGA's handheld game console, the SEGA Game Gear.

We aim to stock all variations of the various SEGA Master System models, especially the rarer Mark III and offer an array of modifications including 60Hz and AV mods.

Please get in touch for further information or to enquire about Master Systems currently not in stock. We may just be able to get you set on your way with a gaming system that has stood the test of time, even after all of these years.

Every SEGA Master System supplied by RetroPlayers has been tested using our strict rules and conditions to make sure that it is capable of delivering you the quality that you deserve. We clearly show the results of this testing so you aren't surprised (badly, anyway) when you receive your items.

So, if it's a Master System console that you're looking for, you're in the right place. Let us sort you with one today and you can experience that retro gaming love, all over again.