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Nintendo GameCube Consoles

Nintendo GameCube Consoles
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The Nintendo GameCube was the successor to Nintendo’s highly popular N64 console and was released in Europe May 2002, making it all the way to 2007 before manufacturing was stopped.

It was the first Nintendo console to make the move away from the traditional cartridge based games and instead used discs. These discs however were not the regular CD/DVD size and instead were more closely related to the miniDVD format and at the time were very distinctive compared to the rivalling Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox.

The GameCube console was described by many as one of the greatest consoles of its time, filled with features that enhanced even the best of retro games. It came with the ability to allow online gaming with selected titles through the use of a broadband or modem adapter and was even compatible with Nintendo’s handheld Game Boy Advance (GBA) when connected with a link cable. Game developers were quick to get in on the act and take advantage of this by offering bonus content when using the GBA as an extra controller and mirror screen.

The console shipped a respectable figure of almost 22 million units which is even more impressive considering the enormous popularity of its competition. Thanks to the GameCube’s great collection of retro gaming titles such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pokemon Colosseum and of course the return of the Super Mario franchise, many people worldwide instantly fell for the charm that the smaller, alternative console delivered.

Here at RetroPlayers, we fondly remember the days of playing on Nintendo GameCube consoles and would be more than happy to help you relive those happy days. We aim to stock a wide variety of consoles including different colours and region specific units and can also provide you with some fantastic modifications if you wish. Don’t forget, if you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll do all we can to get it for you.

Just like all products supplied by us, every GameCube is subject to our strict testing and grading conditions to ensure that it can give you the experience you want and need it to. This information is clearly relayed in our transparent descriptions meaning you know you’re getting exactly what you order.

So whether you want to recreate some of those magical memories, or fancy a go on this great console for the first time ever, RetroPlayers would be glad to help you get set up with a new(ish) GameCube consoles, games and accessories.