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Nintendo GameBoy Micro Consoles

Nintendo GameBoy Micro Consoles
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Released worldwide in 2005, the Nintendo GameBoy Micro portable games console would prove to be the final release in the immensely popular, almost twenty year run of the GameBoy line. This latest, and ultimately last, revision packed all the features of the GameBoy Advance SP but as the name suggests was much smaller.

The clam shell case was replaced in favour of a landscape orientated setup, much more akin to the original GameBoy Advance. Although this handheld console was arguably a lot easier to carry and play, it had a major drawback - there was a distinct lack of backward compatibility meaning GameBoy and GameBoy Color cartridges were not able to be played on it.

Those that championed the GameBoy Micro argue that its compact nature and the sheer number of different colours, designs and limited editions released make it a must-have console - there was even the option to easily change the cover thanks to the detachable case which allowed for customisation levels previously unavailable without technical knowledge.

With that being said however, the console underperformed in terms of units shipped and total sales and as of early 2007, only managed to move around 2.42 million. Despite this, the GameBoy Micro remains popular amongst collectors and gamers today, thanks in part to its adjustable backlight allowing users to change brightness depending on light levels.

Here at RetroPlayers we aim to stock a wide range of different colours and editions of the GameBoy Micro. If you don’t manage to find exactly what you’re looking for, please let us know and we will do our very best to source your desired console.

All products and accessories sold by us are tested and graded on visual appearance and guaranteed to be in good working order. They’re also internally cleaned to ensure that they are in optimum condition ready to be enjoyed all over again. Trust RetroPlayers to provide you a modern day GameBoy Micro experience and you won’t be disappointed.