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SNK Neo Geo AES Consoles

SNK NeoGeo AES Consoles
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The Advanced Entertainment System, or SNK Neo Geo AES was one of the first consoles to bear the now familiar Neo Geo title. Released in 1990 as a companion for the popular MVS arcade and initially only available for rental by commercial properties, the console gained an instant reputation and was shortly made available for home and domestic consumers in 1991.

Originally titled simply, the Neo Geo, the AES featured relatively powerful and colourful graphics even when compared to computers of the time. It ran on exactly the same specifications of the MVS and as such the same games were available across the two devices almost allowing a kind of “try before you buy” system. This also let SNK determine which of its MVS titles could potentially do well with a crossover and weigh up how popular each game would be.

The SNK Neo Geo AES was supposed to launch with a price tag of $599, a figure many buyers said they would have been happy to pay after the release of the MVS. This increased to $650 though (over $1000 given today’s inflation) and although the console did respectfully well in terms of sales, a few gamers were put off by the raised cost. Games came in at around $200 too, meaning that the AES was only realistically available for a select niche market.

Having said that, the console was still in production up until 1997, long outliving supposedly more popular options such as the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Mega Drive, proving that it had an abundance of genuine fans, especially given that people unable to buy the AES at the time could still access its great library in an arcade.

The SNK AES continues to be a sought after item today and RetroPlayers aims to stock as many units as possible. Feel free to browse our collection and pick one up today - it’s never too late.

All of our consoles are put through their paces thanks to our extensive testing. Consoles are cleaned internally, tested and graded to ensure they can still deliver the exact same buzz they did back in their heyday.

If you’re looking to get reaquainted with the SNK AES console, or if you fancy experiencing the gaming phenomenon for the very first time, RetroPlayers can get you set up with exactly what you need. Remember, if you can’t see what you’re after, let us know and we’ll do all we can to sort it for you.