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SEGA Saturn Consoles

SEGA Saturn Consoles
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SEGA Saturn Consoles

The SEGA Saturn was aimed at being the 32-bit home games console to rival the Sony Playstation and was released across various regions between 1994 and 1995. The SEGA Saturn featured a dual CPU architecture which ultimately became its demise to the complexities that this gave developers. The Saturn also featured CD-ROM format games and had a less than robust game library, although it did feature several arcade ports. Ultimately the SEGA Saturn was seen as a commercial flop despite it being well received in Japan and was quickly abandoned by SEGA as a platform for a culmination of reasons.

The SEGA Saturn had various models released across different regions, especially in Japan where manufacturers produced the hardware and consoles also featured different colour cases. Various models released in different regions are generally categorised as the following: Grey Japanese Saturn, White Japanese Saturn, Skeleton Saturn (This is Cool), Hi-Saturn, JVC/Victor V-Saturn, Samsung Saturn and the most common, the standard black cased SEGA Saturn.

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