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Atari Lynx Consoles

Atari Lynx Consoles
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With an undeniable demand for portable gaming becoming prevalent, we were introduced to the Atari Lynx in 1990 in Europe. The Atari Lynx is the classic, portable games console released by Atari in the 90's and is a must have console for any collector or gamer looking for a handheld alternative to the Game Boy or Game Gear. The Atari Lynx had 2 major revisions, the first edition was slightly thinner than the second revision which had a larger size due to the addition of a backlight.

The 8-bit handheld device had the honour of becoming the world’s first electronic handheld console with a colour LCD, making it something of a breakthrough system in the retro gaming world. On top of this groundbreaking display, the Atari Lynx showed incredible advancements on the graphics, layout and features fronts which sometimes begs the question as to why the Game Boy and Game Gear are generally more revered by many in the retro gaming community.

Here at RetroPlayers we aim to stock as many Atari Lynx consoles as possible and try to have a wide selection of games available for you to enjoy on the go. Our library of available gaming systems and titles is constantly being updated but as we have regular deliveries of new stock, levels may not always be totally accurate. To find out if we have what you're after, or to request anything specific, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you shortly.

All Atari Lynx models that we receive are tested to ensure that they are in great working order before being shipped out to you. Using our grading system, we make it easy to see the exact condition items are in so you're not left with an unwanted surprise. For all your Atari Lynx needs and requirements, look no further than our online catalogue. You'll be sure to find exactly what you're after right here.