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Atari Jaguar Consoles

Atari Jaguar Consoles
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Officially the last console released under the Atari name, their sixth attempt at producing the ultimate gaming station resulted in the Atari Jaguar.

In late 1993 the world was introduced to what Atari proclaimed to be the first ever 64-bit console, intended to blow the 16-bit SEGA Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System out of the water.

Unfortunately, The Atari Jaguar was deemed a commercial flop upon release, selling less than 250,000 units during its life cycle. The complex 64-bit architecture and lack of third party support contributed to its demise. Since Hasbro Interactive bought out Atari in the late 1990s, the rights to the Jaguar were released to the public and the console made an open platform. Since this a large cult following has grown and a thriving home brew community has flourished.

As commercial numbers of the Atari Jaguar were well below expectations, the number of consoles, games and accessories in circulation are limited to say the least. We try our best to stock as many systems and peripherals as possible but can often be met by difficulties including sky high sourcing prices due to low numbers and high popularity. Please feel free to contact us with any requirements for Atari Jaguar consoles, questions or queries.

Any Atari Jaguar console sold and supplied by us here at RetroPlayers will have been through rigorous testing. We aim to ensure that you're never disappointed with your purchase and our grading system will show you exactly the condition of your items. If you're after a retro Atari Jaguar console, game or accessory, you may be in luck. As previously mentioned, stock is somewhat rare and can be a bit on the pricey side. If this doesn't put you off pursuing a retro console and you can't see one showing as being in stock, let us know and we'll do everything we can to source one especially for you.