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Atari 2600 Consoles

Atari 2600 Consoles
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The epic 80's console that put Atari on the map, the Atari 2600 exploded on to the home console market and introduced a generation to some of the best classic games such as Pacman, Centipede, Asteroids and many more!

Originally titled Atari VCS, an abbreviation of video computer system, the console was rebranded in 1982 upon the release of the Atari 5200 and has been affectionately known as the 2600 ever since.

Responsible for making video game ROM and microprocessor based hardware all the rage, the Atari 2600 really did redefine the gaming world. By allowing games that were not pre installed or built into units before purchase to be played with system, the 2600 set the trend towards home based entertainment as well as arcades.

There were many different iterations of the Atari 2600 including the multiple wooden, Darth Vader, Arcade and Jnr models. We aim to stock as many retro Atari consoles and games as possible, so if we don't have the 2600 that you're looking for in stock, feel free to get in touch to see if we can source one for you. We can also provide a variety of modifications, including AV mods.

Here at RetroPlayers we want to make sure that everybody can relive those wonderful gaming memories of days gone by without the threat of non working machines. That's why we put all retro consoles, including the Atari 2600, through strict testing. Using our open and honest grading system, we supply details of quality with the utmost transparency so you can be sure there's no bitter sting to come later down the line.

For all of your Atari 2600 needs, look no further than RetroPlayers. We guarantee satisfaction and provide only high quality and genuine products.