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How Do Your Consoles Affect Your Energy Bills?

Sony PlayStation

We’ve all been there; purchased a shiny new (or not so shiny and new) console and ran home to fire it up. With intentions of foiling Bowser’s latest plot, dashing our way to confrontation with Robotnik or enlisting the assistance of Aku Aku to take down Cortex, hours of fun were to be had.

The same principle has remained over time, too. From the iconic platformers to enthralling MMOs and shoot ‘em ups, from 8-bit to UHD, one thing has remained constant. The cost of gaming doesn’t stop at the hardware and software.

Gaming Costs After the Purchase

It’s pretty easy to just say “Yeah, well it’s worth it”. In most instances, a fair few people would be inclined to agree. After all, can you even put a price on reaching the end of GoldenEye on 007 difficulty?

For every critically acclaimed masterpiece, however, there is a ‘The Guy Game’ and a ‘Shaq Fu’. If you don’t know the former, don’t look it up. As much as we all tried to get on with Shaq Fu, did anybody succeed?

Shaq Fu Title Screen

With all of this in mind, have you ever given a thought to how much playing through some of your favourites – and not so favourites – sets you back after purchase? You might just be surprised at the results.

Powering Your Playthrough

Electricity isn’t free, unless perhaps you are Raiden, but even then it’s not a guarantee. As you might expect, the newer the console, the more power hungry it tends to be. Compare the NES at 0.13 pence an hour to the PS3 at 3 pence and there’s an increase of over 1400% in 16 years.

It isn’t just the consoles, either. As hardware capabilities have become better, completion time of major titles has generally seen an upward slope. An average time of 5 and a half hours on ‘Super Mario World’ for the SNES has nothing on the 33 hours ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’, and that’s just the main story.

What About Remastered Games?

Don’t forget about those remade and remastered titles, either. Somewhere between nostalgia and an urge to relive old memories, some of our favourites from down the years come back around.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Packaging PS4

Whilst they may technically be more or less the same game, cost to completion can be quite different.

TitleAverage Time to Finish (Hours)Original ConsoleOriginal Cost to FinishRemastered ConsoleRemastered Cost to FinishPercentage Difference (%)
Banjo-Kazooie11Nintendo 64£0.03Xbox 360£0.30900
Crash Bandicoot6.5PlayStation£0.01PlayStation 4£0.121100
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee13PlayStation£0.02PlayStation 3£0.381800
Parappa the Rapper2PlayStation£0.01PlayStation 4£0.04300

Granted the overall price probably won’t make a huge dent in the pocket of most people out there. It is however incredibly clear just how much of an energy consumption difference there really is between consoles.

The New Standard or the Old Faithful?

The power hungry units of today’s gaming world aren’t all bad. The upsurge in power is down to many features that simply weren’t possible in the past.

Especially where retro gaming is concerned, although, we’ll take the original setups any day of the week. A true feel combined with a lower cost to play make it the obvious choice, even without touched up jagged edges.

Nintendo World Championships NES

The Cost Of Gaming At Home - An infographic by the team at Juice Electrical Supplies