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Bandai SwanCrystal Consoles

Bandai SwanCrystal Consoles
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The Bandai SwanCrystal, also known as the WonderSwan Crystal is a 16-bit retro gaming gem and an asset to any collection no matter how big or small. It was the third revision of the Bandai WonderSwan released only in Japan and featured all of the same hardware as the original and Color models, but with a new LCD, backlight screen that enhanced gameplay tremendously without much detriment to the impressive battery life of the console.

The Bandai SwanCrystal boasted a huge array of fantastic games including the original Final Fantasies, Klonoa and a host of licensed Japanese anime franchise games. This vast selection of great titles along with the system’s low price and long battery life saw the console gain acclaim and popularity from all corners of Japan.

Going head to head with the GameBoy Color andNeo Geo Pocket Color would be a daunting task for any console but the Bandai model went there in a bid for supremacy. As you've probably guessed, the eventual winner was the company that still manufactures handheld devices to this day but the SwanCrystal offered something new and refreshing at the time. At the height of its popularity it managed to creep a share of 8% of the market, a figure higher than some people were expecting. The release of the GameBoy Advance laid to rest any hopes of Bandai dominating though as Nintendo began to marginalise the market and Bandai discontinued products in 2003 although many developers began to port games to the more popular system.

Here at RetroPlayers we have a wide range of Bandai SwanCrystal consoles and games. Consoles are available in a number of colours and all have been put through our rigorous testing systems to ensure that they are able to provide the best in handheld entertainment. If you can't seem to find exactly what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.